I love rust

Rust is fabulous stuff!  Of course you don’t want it corroding your car, but from an aesthetic point of view the rich colours are truly beautiful and inspiring.  I love the ever evolving patina and layering of corroding metal.  People usually discard rusted items but to me they announce, a life well lived and worked hard and invoke stories and wonderful arty possibilities.  I would love to incorporate a stable wearable rust into jewellery designs.

More shadows in my bedroom window

Canola fields

I went on a road trip last week to Melbourne.  Just off the highway we saw spectacular Canola fields.  Patches of vibrant green and and yellows.  Totally surreal and breathtaking.

October 2010- Shadows for inspiration

I took this photo maybe 2 years ago. I woke up one morning with the sunlight streaming through the blinds.  At the time I thought how beautiful the shadow was and that it would make a great necklace.

I recently heard a talk by Marian Hosking, a Melbourne based jeweller.  She showed her photos of different Australian plants she has documented for use in her work.  She had documented many of the shadows they create and mentioned how she likes their graphic quality. Her talk was great because I had put my photo out of my mind and her images were timely reminder to me.  Look beyond an object for inspiration.  Look at how it interacts with its surroundings, often in quite subtle ways.