Free spirit horse

I went to Tasmania this week and had a fabulous time.  I stopped at a place called Huonville at a roadside cherry stand.  I noticed this gorgeous scene in the paddock opposite the cherry seller.  There was a horse and he was having the best time on his own, just like me.  He kept running running running and then stopping.  Then you could see him thinking to himself, hmmm that was a good time, and off he would go again.  The horse had amazing energy and was such a free spirit. I just smiled because he was having such fun and in a world of his own, unaware that I was sharing in his moment.

(I have called the horse a ‘he’ but indeed it could have been a ‘she’…I tend to do that with animals. Ooops is that a form of sexism?)
By the way, the cherries were amazing!

Thankyou for creative people

Thought for today:

Occasionally, in the pursuit of all things creative, I find myself thinking whether what i do is self indulgent…where do my creations sit within the ‘bigger picture’? Is what I do valuable?
It has helped me to observe and have an interest in other cultures and ancient civilisations and see where they place art. Firstly, everyone needs the basics of food, water, shelter for survival.  After this, comes the need to communicate and express ones self through spirituality, dance, music, art/craft and play (not necessarily in that order). Even in the harshest of living conditions, these pursuits, including artistic expression, are integral to life and the human spirit. I think, whether you make or just admire, they have the ability to lift you out of your reality, even if it’s only for a while. These pursuits therefore, are absolutely valid and valuable. 

This quote from Hugh Jackman in the film ‘Kate and Leopold’ goes someway to express this:
“If it wasn’t for the study of the arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable”.

Enjoy your creative self. X

He he new rings!!

I am so excited to finally post some pictures of my new rings.  I feel like I have been talking about them for ages.  These are made from 925 silver, miniature porcelain creatures and fake grass.  They have handsomepretty stamped around the inside to go with my motto “handsomepretty on the outside and handsomepretty on the inside”.  I have them available in large, medium and small sizes.  Please check the shop when I get them up for sizing details and prices.  I just love the way they stand proudly on their perches (your finger).  They are not for the shy and retiring type because they are a real talking point and will make people smile!





Tree root that smiles

We often get so busy in life that we don’t enjoy the moment and our surroundings.  Just think how many people have stepped over this tree root on a walk.  I was fascinated how it is a perfect pair of smiling lips on a smiling tree root….mother nature saying hello.