The life and times of making the new fairy wren rings

I have been busy making for the old bus depot markets this Sunday 3 April.  I am planning to do this market once a month on the first Sunday of the month.  I have been working on new baby fairy wren ‘Glory’ rings, as well as a magnificent adult specimen that I will show later in the week.  Please come by and say hello if you come.
It is a little weird and exciting because I was at this market 12 years ago, before I started The Hive.  Now I am starting a new venture, back at the same place the last adventure started.  This time though I have a wealth of commercial experience, a new direction, the excitement of growing a new business and a whole fresh creative future.  I am feeeeling gooood.


Today’s fabulous quote- makes me feel happy

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” ~~ Roald Dahl

More colour, love this idea.

This stunning display was for a wedding reception and was styled by by Georgie Kay of Georgeous events. 

Love love this tiny alphabet

I love this tiny alphabet carved into the tip of these pencils by artist Dalton Ghetti, that I found here.  I love the grimy ends and lollie wrapper jewel like colours. Imagine the artists persistance….especially if they were full length when he started! 

New cord loop necklaces

These necklaces look great.  I always get people commenting on mine when I wear it.  I wore it today and got 3 orders, Yay. They are made of black cord threaded through a hammered sterling silver ring.  They also have sterling silver catches.  Each one is different and so I only sell these at markets and some shops, so that you can try it first before you buy. Email me though if you want to know more.

cord necklace 9

Silouette connections in nature and art

This top picture is one of the coolest trees I have ever seen.  It was standing in a paddock near Moruya, on the South Coast.  I remember I had to stop my car suddenly on the highway and nearly had a truck rear end me….ooops…so enticing was the image and outline of this tree. It looks tired, perhaps a bit wretched, but defnitely has character and much inspiration.  I love it.
The middle image was a snap I took of tree tracery as I walked around former mental assylum in Beechworth, Victoria.  I was impressed by the delicate way it framed a scene.  Perhaps it also reminded me of the fragility of some of the people that were held within the walls of the assylum.
The bottom image was a fantastic sculpture outside the Museum of Contemporary Art in the 2010 Sydney Biennale.  It is by artist Roxy Paine and is called Neuron, 2010.  It is based on neurons firing in the brain, but certainly also connects with blood systems and vessels and trees.  It is a bit manic.