Undercurrent Designer Market 2011 wrap-up

The market was a great success this year.  The crowds were good and this was boosted on Friday night, by the National Portrait Gallery holding their last ‘Last Friday night drinks’ for this year.  I had lots of friends come by to say hello, after our 5 month stint travelling around Australia.  I offered a special show price at the market and online, of 10% off normal selling prices.


Handsomepretty at 2011 Undercurrent Designer Market

Handsomepretty have been touring Australia since July, but we are on the home run now and so it is back to business. Jenny is ducking up to Canberra from Gerringong, to do the Undercurrent Designer Market this weekend at the National Portrait Gallery.  Greg will stay at the beach while he enjoys the last bit of his holiday away from his day job.
Please come and see meeeeeee!!  There will be lots of fantastic things to look at and buy.
Here is a flyer.