Colour and life exploding

I am in love with this artists work.  Choi Jeong-Hwa’s art makes me feel happy and inspired with his larger than life, colourful, flamboyant sculptures.  I particularly love the building covered in 1000 re-used doors.  Imagine how many times those doors have been open and shut in a lifetime and who used them.
Thank god for Choi Jeong-Hwa and his creative vision.

Top>  Flower Chandelier
Middle>  Flower Tree then What-is-it
Bottom>  1000 door building




Fragility beauty and strength

I have chosen to show you these images today because they portray a fragility, yet have suprising strength.
The beautiful cups appear fragile and awkward, partly because they have been constructed with a deliberate clumsiness and because porcelain clay gives a delicate translucency.   Porcelain, however is the hardiest of the ceramic clays and is very tough.  In fact the little creatures I use in my Glory rings are made from porcelain.
The sculpture by Bronia Iwanczak, is made from cracked eggshells which suggests weakness, but the shell of an egg keeps a baby bird safe through their entire incubation.  It is so hard in fact, that to emerge from the eggshell the baby bird has to use their egg tooth, basically a sharp little pick to break the eggshell.  In the sculpture, grouping the eggshells together makes the whole construction stronger both conceptually and physically.  I think of ‘strength in numbers’ when I look at it, as well as just liking the aesthetics of the piece.
I like to think these images are a metaphor for the capabilities of people too.  Often we have a surprising inner strength even when we feel fragile and vulnerable.
Cover and middle>  Julia Haft Candell cups at Iko Iko online shop.
Bottom>  Defense Rhythm (1997) by Bronia Iwanczak.
Image from the cover of Conceptual Beauty, perspectives on australian contemporary art by Jacqueline Millner