Do not copy a design and claim it as your own.

I have been attending a trade fair in Sydney.  I got stopped and asked about the Specimen necklaces and my Pretty dam pretty necklace a number of times.  At first I was flattered but then it occured to me that the retail trade fair is an event where many companies copy the work of others quite blatantly.  One company will have a new product and the next fair the product will be copied everywhere.  I know that every one is influenced by what they see around them, but to straight out copy a design is dead wrong.  
Following on from this topic, I have started using Pinterest recently, and it does concern me how quickly the images are being transferred all over the world. While this can be a fantastic visual source for the sharing of inspiring ideas, I think it is really important for us all to pin with a conscience and to find the original source and owner of the image. 
OK rant over!

Above>  Specimen necklaces I delivered to the National Portrait Gallery Store last week.

Inspiring- Anne Ten Donkelaar

I want to share the beautiful work of artist Anne Ten Donkelaar.
Her work appeals to me on a few levels.  I have a daughter who studies Zoology and so the pinning of insects is quite topical at the moment.  I have been wanting to use insects in my jewellery, I just have to figure out how because the fragility kind of gets in the way.  Anne has succeeded by placing insects in glass beads to protect them and achieving a stunning result.
In the little artworks, I love the way Anne has used the broken butterfly (usually a symbol of new life) and repairs the wing with strong support structures to make it whole again…a metaphor for life perhaps.
Anne also repairs another damaged butterfly with maps where butterfly originated from.  This again rejuvenates on an aesthetic level, but also renews it’s identity and gives it a place of belonging.
Have a look through Anne’s website because she is making some beautiful work.

Cover>  Wittenord- fragile jewels of nature been captured in glass beads. Middle>  De draadspanner- butterfly wing with thread and pins
Bottom>  Landkaart-  butterfly wings and map

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Pretty damn pretty but bold.

This is a new necklace I have in the shop.  Some slightly smaller ones are planned but it will be a pity to chop off some of the embroidery.  You have to be tall or have broad shoulders to wear this one or just be bold as my mother used to say.  I am and I love it.


Shadow play beach cottage

We spent the weekend at our friends beach cottage down the South Coast.  Linda was commenting on what they could do to enhance the external un painted fibre cement sheeting without going for a full paint job.  Walking back from the beach she saw the shadow play on the front of the house and came up with the great idea of painting the shadow permanently on to the house.  She promptly did it the very next day!!  It is so impressive and reminds me of a blog post I made a while back about shadows.  I like how Linda acts on a creative inspiration and gets the job done.  She doesn’t just talk about it, like I tend to at times. Linda is an artist and you can read a bit more about her here.