A thought about altruism.

Handsomepretty wants to be more altruistic in business and think of the bigger picture.  In our pursuit of finding and selling beautiful products we want to pay it forward.  When we benefit, we want to give back to those who don’t have the things we take for granted.  I look at how blessed and wealthy most of us are in Australia compared to millions of others.  I look at how our banks are making higher and higher profits for their shareholders by increasing the bank fees they charge.  So I thought, if the banks can get rich on our bank fees, then if I match them and give to charity, the charity might get a little wealthier too.  It is tough in business, but I encourage other businesses to donate the value of their bank charges on each EFTpos and credit sale to charity.  This way the more sales you make, the more you share and so it is a good gauge for giving.  It is a very small thing we can do, but if other businesses want to do the same, we think it could be a great thing.  Handsomepretty will donate the equivalent of its bank charges initially, to Save the Children Fund, and then hopefully support other causes as we become more profitable.

EDIT December 2016:

To date, from our opening at the end of 2012, we have given over $7100 to:

Save the Children 2013 to 2015 for various crisis including the awful displacement of people in war and the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

UNHCR for Emergency Response Programs especially Syrian refugees fleeing their country.

We have given to smaller organisations like a craft centre of felt makers who had all lost their homes in Nepal in the May 2015 earthquake and locally to Frocktober in 2016 for local Ovarian Cancer Research.

Fred Hollows Charity which will help people to have their sight restored.  We get to see beautiful things and so now another 54 people can see too.  That makes us so happy because I am such a visual person and not having your sight would be heartbreaking to me.

We have given to World Wildlife Fund to help support sea turtles and Australian Wildlife Conservancy for study into the rapid decline and distinction of small mammal populations in the Kimberley, Australia.

Most recently, we are horrified by what is happening to the people of Aleppo in Syria and the total devastation of their city and so we have donated to Medicines Sans Frontiers.

Thankyou because your support has helped this happen!