Postal U2, 30 Lonsdale Street Braddon A.C.T. 2612


Braddon Shop Permanently Closed




Australia 04 08180390

Handsomepretty Braddon bricks and mortar shop is closed.

Managing Owner is moving to South Coast.

Sign up on the online shop page for any future developments.


Handsomepretty shop sells collections for your living space and fabulous gifts.

It mixes fresh and fun new design with vintage, fair-trade, art and colour.
The fantastic range is sourced from Australia and all around the world.

We do our very best to sustain not take from those we source from.

The name Handsomepretty is inspired from a 1970’s TV show called Lost in Space.
Dr Zachary Smith was a stowaway on a spaceship with the Robinson family. He was a most annoying and complaining character.
He was an odd bod who didn’t fit in and whose only friend was a robot.
However, a green alien woman falls in love with Dr Smith and croons to him that he is Handsomepretty.
The green lady saw beauty in Dr Zachary Smith that others didn’t.

We all have our own version of what is Handsomepretty.
Handsomepretty shop displays an inspiring mix of products, so you can have the confidence to choose what you find beautiful.